Meet Harrison Ford, Your New Neighborhood Traffic Cop

The actor jumped into action during a car pileup in NYC.

In his most down-to-earth role yet, Harrison Ford is New York City’s newest and grumpiest traffic cop. 

The actor’s Mercedes Benz got trapped between cars near the Midtown Tunnel thanks to a pileup on Sunday, according to TMZ. Apparently, Ford had zero time to waste, so instead of waiting for the authorities or a potential accident, he got out of his vehicle and started directing traffic himself. 

“Let’s go!” Ford yells at strangers in the video. “Get out!”

Onlookers quickly gleaned that this was no average traffic stop and pulled out their phones to catch Ford in action.

“It really is him,” one person said. 

“100 percent,” another added. “Directing traffic ... Indiana Jones.”

Before they could stop and ask for a photo (or some “Blade Runner: 2049” spoilers), Ford hopped back in his car and presumably sped off to save the day somewhere else. 

Watch the video above. 



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