Meet Honeymoon's Newest Cousin, the Friendly-Moon

Just as different wedding trends have exploded the past few years, so has the different ways to do a post-wedding R&R.

Traditionally, most couples take their honeymoon right after the wedding. That's why we have these scenes from old movies where the couples jet off for a romantic holiday.

These days, some couples decide to take the honeymoon much later and instead do a mini-moon in the meantime. A mini-moon is a shorter vacation right after the wedding, with the expectation of a bigger and longer trip in the future as the "real" honeymoon.

With more couples doing destination weddings, what is starting to become popular is the friendly-moon. A friendly-moon is similar to a mini-moon except the couple is taking the holiday with friends. I just came back from my own friendly-moon and here are my reasons on why you should consider it:
  • You save time on researching and booking places. You're already swamped with wedding planning, why not outsource trip planning to your favorite travel buddies that know what you guys want.
  • You save money. While you won't save on hotel rooms (duh), you get the split expenses on transportation, tours, and even food.
  • You have more fun. While we enjoyed the activities we did alone as a couple, there were activities that were more fun as a group - checking out the local nightlife, playing water sports, haggling in the night markets, etc. Our advice is to travel with people you've already traveled with or feel totally relaxed hanging out with.
Of course, the friendly-moon isn't for everyone. In fact, it's most attractive as an option when the trip involves a lot of activities/sightseeing and your friends live halfway across the world so you want to spend extra time with them. If simply relaxing by the beach is your ideal post-wedding vacation, you might not want to formally invite friends and leave bumping into them at the resort to chance.

Here's a guide on different "honeymoon" options and which one might be right for you.