Meet Instafamous Dog Toast's Inspiring Owner


Celebrities are cool and all, but in 2016, the real stars are the dogs of Instagram. With hundreds of thousands of followers and enough sponsorships to make any human turn green with envy, these pups have acquired a new breed of fame. But really, the obsession with four-legged friends is nothing new. Take Opening Ceremony's Resort 2016 collection, inspired by '70s suburbia glory and the family (trophy) dog. Remember those painted portraits? The canine social media craze, is really just that, but a lot more, well, instant. For our Kennel Club series, we decided to learn more about the owners behind our favorite accounts.

First up, meet Katie Sturino, owner of Toast, Muppet, and Underpants, who is using her background in PR to shed light on two important causes: puppy mill industry exposure and body acceptance.