Meet Me in 18 Years for the Supermoon Eclipse

I will be the first to admit it. I didn't want to wait another 18 years to see the Super-Eclipse of the Super-Moon. Watching the weather over the several day period prior to the event, there was a small, thin blanket of grey clouds that slowly settled over the Southeast part of the USA, and directly over my beloved Alabama. Sunday evening I went out at the right time to see if I could see a thing, but I couldn't.

It put me into a funk...I could watch it streaming from somewhere, but it wasn't the same as ACTUALLY watching it. I took myself to bed.

I've been thinking about that the last couple of days...I had no control over the clouds above that night, but what about the ones I manufacture.

There are absolutely beautiful, glorious, inspiring, incredible things that happen all around us all the time. I wonder sometimes if we all manufacture our own little thin layer of gray clouds that hides them from us...or maybe we are not looking for something special in ordinary places. Maybe that's where the tired cliché 'Stop and Smell the Roses' applies...and perhaps clichés are clichés because in so many there is an enormous amount of practical truth in them.

I plan to start looking for the super-eclipses that happen right before my eyes every day that I don't take the time to plan to watch. I plan to be more open to the beautiful things that God puts before each and every one of us every day. I plan to be more appreciative for the beautiful things, the special moments and all of the other wonderful things that we call life and embrace it...and to the dustbin with the rest.

Come join me... and in 18 years we have another shot at it again. Be there. I will.