Meet Mr Loser -- Donald Trump

Meet Mr Trump, the loser. His record so far after 50 or so days in office -- as of today, no vote on health care, with a postponement now until tomorrow, and no guarantee of a vote then; numerous courts so far continue to reject Trump’s ban on travelers from six Muslim countries; Congressional Russian probes move forward uncovering new underhanded dealings by Trump campaign associates with various Russian operatives; Trump’s presidential popularity dips to a historic low; and now Democratic Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer has promised a Democratic filibuster against the Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court. The question for Mr. Trump — what happened to all the “winning”? The country waits breathlessly for Mr. Trump’s promised “leadership” in Washington on subsequent issues like tax reform, reformulating trade deals, beating ISIS, and making “America great again.” The ball is in your court, DT.

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