Meet My Good Fairy

I awoke this morning at 5 a.m., with my Good Fairy nudging me...

"Don't you think it's time to introduce me to all your new Huff Post 50 friends? Now that they know all about their inner Demons, and their potentially destructive habits, don't they deserve to know the other much more inspiring and joyful side of the coin -- ME! And my whole GF Clan -- Promoters of Living Your Life to the Fullest -- YOUR Way!"

Well folks, welcome to my wonderful world of fun and fancy.

Since I was a little girl (many moons ago!), I felt my very own Good Fairy sitting on my shoulder, grinning at me saying -- "This is going to be a GREAT day -- if you'll let it be!"

Recently, since I started writing this blog (a FIRST for me, by the way), my daughter, a writer herself, suggested I tell you some of my personal stories -- recalling some of the fascinating incidents that have made my life so interesting over the years. I told her I was reluctant to make these blogs "all about me." However, my Good Fairy story may be an exception. I'd like to share how and why this "character" has had such a positive influence on me over the years.

Just so you'll know -- my GF doesn't MAKE things happen. She just puts all kinds of "bugs in my ear" and "bees in my bonnet"! She helps me think things through, helps me clarify what I really want to do, and strengthens my inner core decisions. I can really talk to her -- no holds barred. Soaking up her inspiration, I conjure up more creative alternatives and new possibilities. I look each one straight in the eye, and figure out what the best and worst outcomes might be. Then, I'm ready for decision time. I know for sure -- What happens next is up to ME!

Nor does my GF take responsibility for my actions. She just stirs the pot! She builds my confidence and helps to develop my self-reliance, a huge factor in living my best life! I realize that all this is taking place in my own mind, and it works for me. In the end, what I make of it all, how I handle things and decide what to do about them -- that's MY doing! But I acknowledge the great boost I always get from my consultations with my GF!

For example ...

When an opportunity comes along for any of us, and our frequent reaction that springs to mind is - "Oh right! That will never work. Just forget it!"

As a young girl, I often heard my Dad say -- "Give it a try, as long as there's no possibility for a disastrous outcome. If you don't give it a shot, nothing will happen FOR SURE!" And my Good Fairy sat there on my shoulder, with a big grin, saying -- "Listen to that wise man! Just GO FOR IT!"

Who could resist that kind of double-barreled encouragement? I soon learned that taking chances -- (not death-defying ones, just ego-scary ones!) most often worked out extremely well for me. The braver I got, the more ways I learned to face and cope with all kinds of challenges -- using smarts -- and vim and vigor too! In fact, the more experience I got using this approach, the more fun it was to look possible negative outcomes in the face and say,
"HA! We'll just see about that!"

The best news is, with the ongoing encouragement of my GF, who's with me 24/7, this "game" became a lifetime habit, often with results that surprised and delighted me! She's helped me build a strong inner core and encouraged me to listen to my gut instincts when I'm unsure of my next move. It's very energizing to push the limits of the mundane. As my GF always asks me, "What's the worst that can happen? TRY IT!"

Often, over the years, when I've succumbed to "doing the right thing," that would make someone else happy, or assure their approval of me, it did not work out for the best. They may have been happy, but I wasn't.

The vast majority of time, when I trusted my gut, the core of all my learnings (especially from my former mistakes), I was much more at peace with myself and more proud of the outcome, even if it wasn't perfect. And the best part -- I felt proud that I had given it my best shot. I felt good about my continuing growth.

I have good news for you. Your Good Fairy is alive and well too! She's just waiting for you to welcome her into your daily life.

So, you may ask -- what's the point of having a Good Fairy if she doesn't tell you what to do, or take responsibility for your mistakes? All she does is gives you her "humble" opinion, make suggestions and encourages you to stretch your limits. True. But I've come to realize that we all need a friend, especially in scary times. Remember that question -- Are you your own best friend?

Perhaps her name is Good Fairy!

But wait -- if this tale sounds somewhat sexist -- all from a female perspective, you guys can make friends with your very own Elf Bud, (EB). He's just sitting there on your shoulder, or hanging out in your pocket. Just don't sit on him! He's waiting to show you the ride of your life!

Enjoy the magic in your day!