Meet Productivity Coach Heather Christian

Process Success Coach Heather Christian
Process Success Coach Heather Christian

Women entrepreneurs rock!

Next up in my empowered “Spiritpreneur” guru series is Process Success Coach Heather Christian...

Heather Christian’s mission is to give online entrepreneurs and side hustlers processes to start and grow their business without stress, all-nighters or spending all day on social media.

Abiola: My calling is to help women to answer their callings. You have answered your calling. How would you describe your mission?

Heather: After years of searching for the business that would provide me freedom to work the hours I want and with the people I want, I have created processes and action steps that I use in my own business and for clients that help them get more traffic, leads and sales without working hours and hours. I hate to see people struggle or stuck in what next step to take. With my business process and accounting background I'm able to dig into what processes work and repeat them.

Abiola: Tell us about your journey to this business.

Heather: After having my daughter, I really struggled with how to juggle life as a mom and wanted to have that dream job I always wanted. Freedom, fulfillment, learning and helping others. I struggled with no idea how I was going to feel more fulfilled in my work, I realized it wasn't too late to start digging into the online world. When I began figuring out what worked people began to notice and ask me for advice and help. I hate seeing people struggle and want to help people who are willing to take action.

Abiola: Entrepreneurial life is currently glamorized. What do you do when things feel challenging or overwhelming.

Heather: Creating a business online is not magic or easy. However by studying people who have been successful it is repeatable. When I'm thinking "ugh this is too hard" or "what's the point" I stop thinking about me and think about the 1 person I helped grow their business, or the one product I sold that someone needed, I focus on providing value to someone else and not just about me. I also listen to a lot of motivational books and take a lot of courses. I find it very important to continue mindset work along with action steps for success.

Abiola: What would recommend that all women entrepreneurs do to get to scale their businesses?

Heather: Automate repetitive tasks. If there is a process you are everyday over and over see if a tool or template that you can implement to save time. Find a mentor that is already where you want to be. Study what they did to get to where they are and follow known paths to success. Take Action on money making tasks; product creation or marketing. Spend less time on busy work.

Abiola: Every woman is the goddess of something. I am the Goddess of Self-Worth. What are you the Goddess of?

Heather: Taking action - I always have been a person that will figure things out and not wait for what I want to come to me. The more I focus and take action the more success I get and the more I can continue to help others. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, it's better to not be perfect than to not even get in the game.

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