Meet Spiritual Business Rockstar Carla Gadyt!

Meet Spiritual Business Rockstar Carla Gadyt!
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<p>Carla Gadyt, Social Media Guru for Spiritual Business</p>

Carla Gadyt, Social Media Guru for Spiritual Business

Spiritually based women gurus rock!

Next up in my empowered “Spiritpreneur” series is Carla Gadyt...

Carla Gadyt’s mission is to help and guide spiritual entrepreneurs and heart-centered business owners on how to show up fully and authentically on social media, reaching and connecting with their audience, and growing their businesses.

Abiola: How did you know that this is what you are meant to do?

Carla: I have been working on social media marketing for over 10 years, and have had a major spiritual awakening years ago, where my life completely transformed in all areas. I've started living from my heart and decided to start showing up myself fully on social media, in my business and in life in general.

As I started to expand and grow spiritually, I let go of old limiting beliefs, raised my vibration and went from a mindset of fear, lack and scarcity to a mindset of abundance, expansion and joy. My life completely transformed in all areas, and I started to become a magnet for all the amazing things I have ever wanted, simply because I was now showing up fully to them.

Abiola: What part of your personal journey led you to do this work?

Carla: My own spiritual awakening, or heart center awakening, that I went through years ago, led me to live from my heart center in all areas of my life.

And that's when I made the commitment to myself to stop hiding and start showing up fully in all areas of my life. So, today I combine my many years of experience in social media marketing and all the knowledge that comes with it, with this mindset and vibration I am now in, making it a powerful combination to help others!

Abiola: Many women want to live out loud but let their fears hold them back. What do you do when you feel fearful?

Carla: What I have learned in my own journey is to accept all emotions that come up, even the negative ones, do not suppress or ignore them. But, instead of believing they are real, be the awareness behind them instead. Know that those are just illusions from the ego and from limiting beliefs.

For me, the way to stop feeding them is by going back to the heart center and putting my well-being first at all times. So, if an emotion becomes overwhelming, I focus on self-love. I go do something that makes me feel good such as a walk in nature, a salt bath, listen to music, or take a nap.

I used to feel like that in the past: depressed, anxious and fearful until I realized one day that those are just illusions from our shadow self that I have been feeding. So, if something was triggered, like "I don't have enough money", or "I am not ready for a successful business", or "I am not worthy", I would not feed it anymore. I choose to go the heart center instead and love myself even more.

Because what I want from my soul is the reality, even if it didn't manifest yet. That reality is just waiting for me to show up fully and focus on it, so it can manifest.Because our natural state is love and joy, and that is what needs to be feed.

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