Meet The Dad Making A Sustainable Difference In San Diego

California’s drought may have ended but there is still work to be done. With the EPA running the risk of a full defunding under President Trump, research around water conservation is at risk. This is a critical moment for the people of California to save the valuable natural resource and create a more sustainable water ecosystem.

Californians waste too much water and the toll is being felt statewide. Water conservation may seem daunting but the process is rather simple. Reduce, reuse, and recycle water. If that doesn’t make sense, YouTuber and activist Rob Greenfield’s new video will break down just how easy it is.

Meet Brian Blum, a busy dad who uses water wisely by harvesting rainwater, and reuses it by sending the water from his washing machine and sinks to his garden. His house is run 100% by the solar panels on his roof, and he composts everything he can to increase the fertility of his land and keep waste from the landfill.

Brian wants a world where his daughter grows up experiencing the same beauty he did. His sustainable best practices are simple and routine but they ensure a happy, healthier earth.

Follow Brian’s example by making some small sustainable changes around your home. Save water. Reuse water. Look into solar panels. The earth will thank you for it.