Meet The Dirty Minds Behind Comedy Central's Brickleberry (WATCH)

Natasha Leggero, Jerry Minor, Tom Kenny and David Herman reveal their scandalous favorite lines from their animated series, "Brickleberry." They're crass, crude, crazy, and just a tad bit creepy. Enjoy!

Jerry's was from this season, when his character finds an ancient cavewoman. "Natasha's character ... she goes, 'What are you doing?' And I go, 'Oh, I'm f***in' this b***h."

Natasha chimes in today, "My favorite line is the question I asked Jerry. The set up."

While Tom calls himself a "file dumper" (not dirty, we swear), he does add, "Every episode there was something that I have to say that I can't believe that I'm saying it. And I'm getting paid to say it."

You can watch "Brickleberry" Tuesdays 10:30/9:30 central only on Comedy Central.

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