Meet The Dolphin Board of Awesome

Meet The Dolphin Board of Awesome
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Zachary Ostroff, Stanford University; Nate Petre, Imperial College London holding the first Dolphin Board of Awesome.

Zachary Ostroff, Stanford University; Nate Petre, Imperial College London holding the first Dolphin Board of Awesome.

Davar Ardalan

The LAUNCH Circular Innovation Summit in Portland brought together innovators from around the globe including Zachary Ostroff and Nate Petre of The Dolphin Board of Awesome.

Tell us about your surfboard?

The Dolphin Board of Awesome is the world’s first 3D-printed, compostable, recyclable surfboard. It is cheaper and more durable already than most conventional surfboards. It’s made from algae from eutrophic lakes in Mississippi where the algae is invasive and killing life, as well as a little sugarcane and corn, which a company called Algix makes into material called PLA that works in our 3D printers. We also have a friend at Imperial College London who helped us use recycled plastic bottles for portions of the board as well, to demonstrate how easily you can make surfboards out of nearly any material with additive manufacturing. For this first prototype, we also used a thin layer of plant-based resin from Entropy Resins to coat the exterior of the board, but within the next year, we won’t need to use any resin. We’ll start using fully hydrophobic printing materials.

The “DBOA” will soon open new possibilities in performance design as we can incorporate biomimetic principles from dolphins and other body surfing creatures into future prototypes that will make the board cut through water more quickly and with more directional stability. Really, we wanted to create an object that would animate some of the most sustainable, accessible, 21st century technologies in a way that people understand, under the feet of the world’s best surfers. And also blow our minds while riding the waves we love so dearly.

What was the inspiration behind your idea?

This was only possible through the LAUNCH network of innovators. We used the network to quickly assemble a team of world experts on biomimicry, surfcraft design, additive manufacturing, chemical engineering, sustainability consulting, filmmaking, finance, and academia. And together, through an open-source agreement we call the Heart Contract, we got it done with minimal funding, no office space, and 7 times zones between us in 6 months.

Who are you collaborating with?

The DBOA could revolutionize the surf industry. But we don’t want to make a company that will compete or “disrupt” the surf industry. Instead, we want to make it open-source and we want to help the industry move towards a more ocean-friendly, epicly performing future. Through the Dolphin Board of Awesome, we hope other players from all the performance sports industries will see our process and our tribe as a pathway to the future. Initial Thinkers: Zachary Ostroff, Nate Petre, Jeff Hamaoui, Greg Ostroff, Jimmy Lewis, Marlon Lewis, Rey Banatao, Michael Stewart, Alex Thompson, and Martijn Stiphout was the core tribe that brought this first prototype into existence.

The Dolphin Board of Awesome officially launches in late-Spring, so sign up for updates on the launch, an initial run of boards, and their debut film with the world’s best surfers riding it at

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