Meet the Founder That Drove a Billion Views Using Influencer Marketing

Meet the Founder That Drove a Billion Views Using Influencer Marketing
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What’s the difference between YouTube and Facebook Video?

With this social influencer campaigns, the most obvious differences from Facebook and YouTube can be seen.

One is that on YouTube story time videos do very well while not as much on Facebook. The opposite also applies to Facebook. Where the rap and prank videos did well on Facebook, these videos did not do too well on YouTube.

One can deduce is that it is because Facebook is more of a sharable platform and consumed accordingly. People log on to see content that is shared by friends and family, so content that is created by a creator they do not recognize or know is ok because someone they do know shares it. As long as the content itself is good or funny enough the people in the content is less relevant. However, it is still worth the view.

While YouTube is more of a platform where people tune in to view content from creators they do already recognize or subscribed to, thus making story time videos a solid method of consumption and views. The content style of the social Influencer is less important compared to the actual creator that is featured in the video while being on YouTube. They don’t have someone sharing the video to them like they do on Facebook, but they do recognize the social Influencer aka person or creators in the thumbnail. When YouTube itself pitches it to them so they are still inclined to give it the view no matter the style being storytime, prank rap, or any other type.

Also, we have found it is a lot easier to get views on Facebook over YouTube and believe this is due to there being less competition. YouTube has ad revenue share in place while Facebook does not. No one is making video content really on Facebook since there is really no money to be made to continue funding the projects, which makes Facebook a prime untapped space for sponsored content.

Example of a more on the field type style that was used for pranks and raps:

Example of a more sitting in front of camera type style used for story time type:

All aside this being a massive success in total it has been a ton of fun and we have learned so much from it. Next time someone laughs at your idea of doing a social influencer campaign or calls it small time you can show them this as proof it is now even bringing in more results than an even a Super Bowl can! We will continue to keep everyone posted on the milestones of our campaigns and am can't wait to see what is next!

How did you get started in this space, and what gave you this idea?

We are mostly known for our success at PromoAffiliates for acquiring millions of new users for our clients Uber, Lyft, Postmates, DoorDash, Drizly, Shipt, Skurt and more utilizing now full scale methods. However even before that I use to produce a ton of music videos and even a full feature film while I was in high school.

I then contacted by a ton of other content creators to help with their projects as well and then started building a massive network of content creator friends. From then on it was a no brainer to connect the two worlds together when I launched PromoAffiliates and it started to take off I pitched the idea to several of my social influencer friends to mention the promo codes in the videos, pictures and memes.

Results came in and word got out quickly that this was way bigger than we thought which is why we launched the Social Influencer and YouTube Star branch was born.

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

There is no such thing as a loss, there is only lessons and victories. For those know my history and past know I have failed a ton. Like I just said I produced tons of music videos and even a feature film in high school that all lead to no revenue, but lead me to venture out to Los Angeles.

Just seems like yesterday moved to LA with $64 in cash with no car or bank account since it was in the negative from overdraft fees. I was bussing tables mopping floors consistently trying everything 100 hours a week in my spare time until I finally found the right opportunities.

Don't let anyone tell you your goals are unrealistic. Anything is possible. Continue to work smarter and harder everyday. Surround yourself with the right mentors and friends and accomplish your dreams and rise up together. #blessed #motivationmonday

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