World's Longest-Serving Paperboy Has Been Working How Long?

"I've done it so long, it's part of my life now."

Trouble getting up in the morning? Just think of John Cooper.

At 79, he's still working, waking up at 5 a.m. and walking three miles every morning, rain or shine ... to deliver papers. And there's some speculation that he just might be the longest-running paperboy in the world. 


Cooper started his career delivering the morning news when he was 11 and estimates he's since walked around 60,000 miles in Duffield, England. 

“I’m hoping to go at least another two years," Cooper told The Express. "Then I'll see how I feel about retiring ... It’s no good stopping in bed. You have to get up and get some exercise.” 

His route has him delivering around 70 papers a day. And making deliveries has become a family affair -- even his daughter and son have delivered papers. 

“I’ve done it for so long that it is just part of my life now," Cooper said.

Guinness World Records told The Express that he can apply for the record, as long as he can provide proof that he has indeed been making his rounds for 68 years. 

The current Guinness World Record holder for longest career as a newspaper boy/girl belongs to American Darlyne Markus, who retired as a delivery girl in 2008, after over 50 years of service. 

It will be interesting to see how long Cooper keeps up with his route. He could end up competing with WWII veteran Walter Sharp to become the oldest paper boy. Sharp was still delivering papers last year, at age 100, and swore walking on his route was the secret to his longevity. 

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