Meet The Man Who Wants To Turn Your Poop Into Fertilizer

In the weeks following Hurricane Irma, Florida has been awash in gallons of sewage water. Human wastewater can be incredibly dangerous to personal health, and unfortunately during bouts of inclement weather waste water can penetrate major cities.

In some developing countries, direct wastewater use projects are normally centered near large metropolitan areas. These wastewater management plans can lead to people getting hit with infection and sickness most notably during extreme flooding and storming, but also during typically benign activities like surfing close to urban centers - which is exactly what happened to Jared Criscuolo in 2012. YouTuber and activist Rob Greenfield’s new video tells us Criscuolo’s story and how he decided to make a change in handling our waste. By connecting the dots between waste and reuse, he found a solution that would reduce human waste from our waterways. By harvesting the leftover nutrients in human waste, Criscuolo was able to create Upcycle and Co fertilizer. It’s a high quality, slow-release, natural and organic fertilizer with up to 50% higher nutrient content.

Criscuolo made a change in the sustainability cycle by capturing and reusing a variety of waste resources as nutrient inputs for fertilizer and eliminating the global shipping and transport footprint associated with nutrient sourcing.

It might be hard to believe, but your poop can actually do a lot of good for the planet. Just check out the video above to learn more!