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Meet The Mother I Most Admire - and Whom You Should Too!

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Mother's Day. It is much more than the Hallmark or Facebook holiday some make it out to be. I miss my mother...she is gone more than 20 years now and I still find that hard to believe. And I miss my 2 grandmothers who were such a huge part of my life.

I am so grateful to be the mother of my 2 adult children who are healthy, independent and happy. We've come a long way since diapers but the saying that a mother is "only as happy as her least happy child" still rings true for me. No matter their age or how far they've come in life, I am still the worrying Jewish mother. Mea culpa and all that.

This Mother's Day I am thinking mostly though about all the ALYN mothers. All they have to cope with. It's everything the mom of a healthy baby has to learn and do and worry about but magnified by about at least a million degrees.

What if one of my children had been born like Smadar's beautiful son Or? A perfectly healthy baby boy who then developed a terrible fever and everything suddenly went haywire. Her little boy lives in excruciating pain from the movements of his joints. He cannot walk despite being 8 years old...he is curled in a wheelchair. He has vision issues, pain issues, cognitive name it and he has it. And you know what else he has? An enormous smile and a heart overflowing with love and affection.

And his mother Smadar? She is the single mother of 4 and is devoted to Or and his complex needs yet never for a second neglects her other children. She is positive, hopeful and grateful for what she does have with Or and truly an inspiration to me. If you spend just a few moments to meet Smadar and Or you will know exactly what I am talking about:

So this Mother's Day I don't want or need cards or flowers or gifts. I want Smadar and all the ALYN mothers like her to have a day free from worrying and their precious and special children to have a day free from pain. I want them to enjoy their motherhood and their children - disabilities and all. I want them also to know that from 5,000 miles away I send them my thoughts and wishes and love. From New York to Jerusalem. They are the mothers who are the true role models and the ones to celebrate today. Happy Mother's Day everyone.