Meet The New Generation Of Irish Whiskey Distillers

Ireland is known for its rich whiskey heritage — get to know the next wave of whiskey makers.

Ireland and whiskey go together like Sweden and meatballs; like Italy and pasta. By many people’s standards, Irish whiskey is the most famous drink of Ireland. So, what better way to get to know the island of Ireland than by tapping into its rich whiskey heritage? We’ve teamed up with Tourism Ireland to do just that.

Jameson and Bushmills might be household names, and those distilleries are absolutely worth a visit, but Ireland is filled with so many whiskey distilleries — more than 30, in fact — why limit yourself to just those two? In this video, we take a trip, first to Dublin and then to County Meath, to get an inside glimpse into the whiskey-making process at some of our new favorite spots.

In Dublin, we visit Teeling Whiskey, which was founded in 2015, making it the city’s first new whiskey distillery in more than 125 years. And in County Meath, just a 45-minute drive north, we pop by Slane Distillery, which launched in 2017 and is housed on the grounds of Slane Castle, known best for its immeasurable beauty and its rock concerts. Check out the video above to learn more. Cheers!

From Tourism Ireland:

Think of this as just a sampling of the many whiskey trails, tours and experiences Ireland has to offer, making it truly the best place in the world for a delightful whiskey experience. Take a journey beyond the ordinary and let Ireland capture your heart. Start planning today at

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