Meet the Palins: The Ultimate Reality Show

Meet the Palins: The Ultimate Reality Show
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Why is everyone making such a fuss about Sarah Palin? This is nothing new. This is every reality show America has been watching for years. And it's great television.

Tell me it's not riveting. Sarah Palin and her story have it all.

It's the Osborne family: plus the Lohans, Hogans, and the Spears all rolled into one.

It's Survivor:: Will Sarah make the alliances she needs in order to avoid getting voted off the island? CBS doesn't have to ship a crew to Vanuatu or even Pittsburgh--- Republican campaign donors are paying all the costs.

It's The Amazing Race: John and Sarah rushing all over the country, the most mis-matched pairing the show has ever come up with.

It's SuperNanny: With an infant and another one due soon, and a mom away on the campaign trail, what family would need her more?

It's American Idol: Sarah is groomed for stardom and rocks the convention

It's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette: Will Bristol get a ring and a rose ?

It's The Baby Borrowers: In season one, the teenagers borrow Sarah's son Trig. In season two, they get to practice on their own.

It's Extreme Makeover: Just the title says enough

It's America's Toughest Job: Not the VP job, but the first dude working on the fishing boat

And in the end, it's a game show: Take your pick. Deal or No Deal?l The Match Game? Queen for a Day? Will Sarah win the prize?

Unfortunately, if she does, America is "The Biggest Loser."

The water coolers are working overtime. The ratings couldn't be higher. The climax will come, as it always does, during sweeps week this fall when viewers deliver the ratings.

Stay tuned.

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