'The Sheer Beauty Of Montana Just Intrigues Me': Meet The People Of Livingston

From diversity to cost of living to impeccable views, this is what keeps people in Livingston.

Our 19th stop on the Listen To America road trip was Livingston, Montana.

We posted up at the Livingston Depot Center to chat with residents and passers-by. Here’s what they had to say:

“I believe what keeps me back is the reverence for the land there. For the Native Americans, it was called the Valley of the Flowers. There was one rule, that nobody fought. No matter if they were warring tribes. If they were in that valley, they couldn’t fight.”

― Troy Bertelsen, life/death/connection performance coach

“When the opportunity came, we moved out here. Love Montana, love Livingston in particular. I think it’s a pretty unique community.”

― Barbara Lopez-Lucio, 66, freelance medical editor

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“I’m a fourth-generation Montanan. I love the mountains. And I was a mountain climber when I was younger.”

― Helen Mulroney, 69, retired French teacher

“I’m just a Montanan from the ground up. I love the state of Montana because it has every kind of culture and diversity and also climate. ... The sheer beauty of Montana just intrigues me.”

― Jo Anne Troxel, 84, grass-roots organizer, writer, poet, teacher

“My husband and I moved here 20 years ago. ... We moved here because we could afford to live here as artists.”

― Bonnie Goodman 53, glass bead-maker at Mordam Art

“There’s something about the spirit of Montana. It’s raw. It’s fresh. It feels like the Wild West in some ways.”

― Lei-Anna Bertelsen, 52, self-employed education consultant

“I’m from here. I’ve traveled to two countries and around the U.S. But I haven’t found a place that appeals to me like Montana does.”

― Perry Hofferber, 68, retired



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