Meet the Top Women Social Media Influencers in GovTech

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<p>Top10 GovTech Women Influencers</p>

Top10 GovTech Women Influencers

I well remember my first pitch after launching APPCityLife. I was invited to pitch our company at VentureBeat's first mobile conference, MobileBeat 2010. Of the twenty startup companies invited to pitch at the event, ours was the only woman-owned company - and I was the only woman backstage.

That was the first day I realized just how significant the gender gap was for women entrepreneurs in technology fields.

Today, APPCityLife is focused on the massive demand for scalable mobile solutions within government, making us a part of the rapidly expanding industry of Civic and Gov Tech, and I am still keenly aware of the need for more racial and gender diversity.

While the Governing Institute reported that 78% of states report that they are taking steps to promote diversity among companies seeking government contracts, their efforts are limited by the number of women within the industry, since only about 3% of the tech startup industry are led or founded by women.

But the gender gap goes further than entrepreneurship. A new report from NCWIT (National Center for Women and Information Technology) indicates that women hold roughly one fourth of all computing jobs in the U.S., with 1% of that segment being Latina, 3% Black and 5% Asian women. Within leadership, those percentages are even less, with women making up 7% of CIO roles.

Network Individuals Map via Onalytica

It is for this reason that I was thrilled to discover that among Onalytica's recently published list of the top 100 influencers in GovTech, the top influencer was a woman. Six women from across the globe are among the top twenty influencers - myself included. Here are the top ten women on that list - with each of their voices bringing diversity of thought, experience and ideas to the industry driving the technical innovations and civic solutions being deployed in our cities.

Karen Hunter @karenhunter (No. 1), Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

Patricia Williams @patricia1954 (No. 9), Business Advisor

Noelle Knell @GovTechNoelle (No. 12), Editor of GovTech News

Anne Lochoff @Lochoffs (No. 14), Smart Cities Strategies Knowledge Aggregator

Mariana Mazzucato @MazzucatoM (No. 20), Professor in the Economics of Innovation at SPRU, University of Sussex

Honorable Judy Foote @judy_foote (No. 29), Minister of Public Services and Procurement

Megan Eskey @meganesque (No. 30), Open Government Consultant

Alice Lipowicz @AliceLipowicz (No. 32), Writer and journalist

Jacqueline Poh @PohJacqueline (No. 33), Chief Executive of Government Technology Agency of Singapore

Network Map via Onalytica