Meg Whitman Launches First Attack Ad On Jerry Brown

Meg Whitman's first campaign ad targeting Jerry Brown has hit the airwaves, and it is a scathing indictment of what she terms Brown's "legacy of failure". The 60 second ad moves decade through decade throughout Brown's career, portraying him as a big-taxing, criminal loving destroyer of state and city alike.

Via the LA Times comes this response from the Brown campaign:

spokesman Sterling Clifford said the ad was "more negative attacks from a campaign that can't seem to tell the truth. It's politics as usual, backed by Wall Street billions," he said. "If Meg Whitman had ever bothered to vote, she might know that Jerry Brown cut taxes by $4 billion, built up a surplus and created 1.9 million new jobs for Californians. If Whitman wants to discuss Jerry Brown's record, she should accept his invitation to 10 town halls and debate Jerry's accomplishments in person."

To her credit, Meg's $80 million investment at least got her some pretty decent production value for a campaign ad. No doubt, there are plenty more to come.