Mega Millions Jackpot: How Would You Spend $500 Million?

You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than winning the half-billion Mega Millions jackpot on Friday. A much better chance, as ABC News points out.

But with $500 million on the line--the largest jackpot any U.S. lottery has ever offered--these not-so-hot odds haven't tamed the hype.

So, should you play?

Buying a single $1 ticket certainly won't burn a hole in your wallet, but we advise against spending much more than that. Lotteries have the worst odds of winning compared to any form of legal gambling. Critics say the lottery is a "regressive tax," drawing a disproportionate amount of money from the most cash-strapped people.

What won't cost you is daydreaming about how you would spend the lotto jackpot if you did get lucky. We put our Twitter followers to task, asking them what they would do $500 million to burn.

Here's what they came up with: