Woman Asks Ex Who Won Mega Millions Lottery: Can I Stop Paying Alimony?

Eileen Murphy says the money she was ordered to pay Mike Weirsky after the divorce is now just "pocket change" for him.

The former wife of a New Jersey man who just won $273 million in the Mega Millions lottery says she wishes him the best, but has just one request: to stop paying him alimony.

Eileen Murphy, 53, got divorced from Mike Weirsky, 54, in October. Five months later he won the huge lottery jackpot, which he almost didn’t get to collect after he accidentally left the tickets at a convenience store where he bought them.

Murphy was the primary breadwinner during her 15-year marriage to Weirsky and was ordered by the court to pay him spousal support for five years following the end of their relationship, according to “Inside Edition.”

Now, she hopes his sudden good fortune means she can stop the payments.

“To him, [the alimony] is pocket change at this point,” Murray told “Inside Edition” this week. “Think about the amount of money that he has just won. What I’m paying him is a pittance.”

Previously, Murray told the New York Post that she doesn’t plan to go after her ex for a share of the $162.5 million lump sum he’ll be collecting: “I’m not going after anything. I have morals. I know what I’ve worked for and it’s everything that I have.”

She hopes that he “does the right thing,” considering the years she supported him, but she told the Post that she has no new-found interest in getting back together.

“He’s not appealing to me all of a sudden because he has this money,” Murray said.

Murray also hopes Weirsky uses his winnings wisely.

“I hope he does very good things with it,” she told Inside Edition. “... I’m happy for him, I really am. I’m not an angry person, I’m not a mean person.”

Weirsky seemed a little sensitive about the situation with Murray when he was interviewed by Inside Edition earlier this month.

“$270 million does not make me appealing to her — that’s what she said,” he told the show, adding, “It’s over with. I just want her to stop being in my life.”

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