Mega Star Haifa Wehbe Victim of Failed Kidnapping Attempt in Paris

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Haifa Wehbe
Haifa Wehbe
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The International Community is in shock after another act of criminal intent towards a high profile celebrity in recent weeks. Lebanese Actress/Songstress Haifa Wehbe was the apparent victim of a failed kidnapping attempt late last week in Paris, France. According to reports, Haifa Wehbe was approached unsuspectingly by 3 robbers with the intent of kidnap. Although details are sketchy to say the least at this point due to the ongoing investigation, we can report that a novice level of sophistication was involved. Considered the most recognized International Arab celebrity, Haifa had just arrived in Paris from a brief publicity tour in America.

The disturbing reports of Haifa Wehbe’s attempted kidnapping were confirmed with the French authorities by longtime friend Tarik Freitekh. At press time, Mr. Freitekh rendered a statement that reads, “ Haifa is safe, unharmed physically, but terribly shaken by the incident”. A popular destination with the Who’s, Who in the celebrity circles - Paris has become the World's leader of fashion and film. The recent acts of mayhem guided towards Super Stars visiting the region has the Celebrity community attention, to say the least. Haifa Wehbe just happened to be on the popular Snapchat platform when the incident occurred. Brilliantly, Haifa Wehbe was able to record much of the failed kidnap attempt, leading eventually to the police station. The assailants are still at large at this time, however leads are being pursued by French Authorities. Haifa’s on-her-feet approach to record the journey of the botched kidnap is said to be essential in the ongoing investigation. Perhaps, the suspected kidnappers were also tuned into the stars every movement. It’s quite absurd to even imagine a day of leisure, leading to a hostage or kidnap situation.

Well with the smoke cleared, and Haifa Wehbe recovering from the dramatic event; the investigation is still in full swing. As to date, all we can hope is that the perpetrators will soon be apprehended. At this juncture, Haifa Wehbe asks that the public respects her privacy in these trying times as she aids in the investigation. We chose to only reveal the main page of the police report due to the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation, but police said the cell phone tour helped them connect 3 of the suspects phones who were in touch with the driver while trying to kidnap Haifa. The incident has spread throughout the celebrity community, prompting a heightened level of security worldwide. As a matter of fact, Simon Cowell is one of the first Superstars to go public urging celebrities to scale up on security. The music mogul was the victim of a burglary that resulted in more than 1 million in jewelry in late 2015. With less than a month removed from the Kim Kardashian robbery, celebrities and fans alike have took to social media to express their prayers and deep concern for Kim’s well being.

Haifa Wehbe high profile status may have added to the motive of the kidnap attempt. A highly recognized mega star, Haifa Wehbe is Internationally known for her appearance in countless films and 5 studio albums. In 2006, she was listed in People’s magazine as one of the top 50 most beautiful people in the World.

Paris, France is the world’s most sought tourist destination, with an astounding 75.7 million tourist a year. Regarded as the one destination in the Solar System with an everyday constellation of celebrities, Paris has also attracted its share of perpetrators looking for an easy payday. Although, acts of mischief can happen anywhere, it is recommended with any travel, to be aware of your surroundings. According to the State Department and US Embassy Consulates in France, isolated events or acts of violence or coercion should be reported immediately to French authorities.

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Police report from French Police

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