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Megaburgerpizza, A Burger/Pizza Hybrid, Debuted By Japan's Pizza Little Party Chain (PHOTO)


Don't you hate it when you can't decide between ordering pizza or a burger? Worst first world problem ever. But fear not, Japan’s Pizza Little Party chain is here to the rescue with its new offering, the Megaburgerpizza.

The 2.65-pound creation is made with thick beef patties sandwiched between two 11-inch pizzas. In addition to the pizza sauce and cheese you'd expect from a pizza, the Megaburgerpizza is also dressed with ketchup, onions, pickles and mustard.

And we're just guessing here, but the burger/pizza hybrid probably delivers double the shame of eating a single burger or pizza alone.

RocketNews24 writes that the gargantuan offering, which costs $26 (2,580 yen), will be sold from September 1 through November 22.



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