Megan Fox Defends Her Belief in All Things Paranormal

Megan Fox defended her belief in paranormal phenomena in an MTV News interview the other day.

Fox is promoting her new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which hit movie theaters on Friday and made $65 million dollars in its opening weekend. Fox plays April O'Neil, a strong-willed reporter who is friends with the turtles. In the interview, MTV's Josh Horowitz points out that, like her character in the movie, Fox also believes in the paranormal.

Fox, knowing where he is headed, gets a kind of, "OK. Let's get this over with." attitude with Horowitz, who clearly finds her beliefs amusing.

They begin talking about Bigfoot, and Fox points out that science is making new discoveries all of the time. She says she doesn't think it is too strange we have not found them yet, "because it is intelligent enough not to be found."

Horowitz then asked her if she believes in UFOs. Fox replied, "Yes... yes 1000%."

She asks rhetorically, "How can you not believe?"

Defending her belief in UFOs, she asks, "If they are a more advanced species, why would we be able to find them if they don't want to be found?"

Horowitz argued, "It just seems like a convenient excuse is all I am saying."

To which Fox responded, "But until we find things, they had been previous unfound, yet they still exist."

Horowitz continued to ask her about the paranormal, and she said she believed in all of it. She even went on to describe a ghostly encounter she had in Mexico. She didn't actually see a ghost, but someone, or something (i.e. ghost), poured her a cup of coffee when she was out of the room in a hotel in Mexico City. No one else was there, so she doesn't think it was a human. At least not one in physical form.

Fox seemed to be a bit annoyed by Horowitz who kept laughing about her beliefs. C'mon Horowitz, I am sure you have some weird beliefs too! Really, we all do. Don't we?

Anyway, I guess just because she is one of the most beautiful women on the silver screen *blushing* she doesn't get a free pass from getting made fun of when she tries to share her paranormal beliefs.

I for one applaud her for being a champion for keeping an open mind when it comes to the paranormal! I am sure Bigfeet, disembodied people and aliens everywhere will join me in showing our appreciation. Way to go Megan! *applauding*