Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly Hint At Saucy Behavior On A Table At Their Airbnb

The couple shared a spicy exchange on Instagram and some critics were not pleased.

It seems Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly really want us to know their vacation sex is smokin’ hot.

Fox posted a series of snapshots on Instagram of herself leaning on a table inside of an Airbnb that the couple presumably rented for some rest and relaxation, and her caption makes it sound like they did little resting.

“When I tell you that the table at this air bnb saw some things 🥵,” she wrote alongside the photos.

Fox’s boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, responded in the comments: “i’m really glad that’s not our table anymore.”


In response to the back-and-forth, many fans responded that they would like to be the table in question.

“Never thought I’d dream of being a table but here we are,” wrote one user.

The two celebrities, who have called each other their “twin flames,” are very open about their affection, but some people on social media were less than enthused with this latest information.

After the exchange ended up on the popular page Comments by Celebs, some critics remarked that the couple could have just texted each other these thoughts, while one said: “When your relationship has no depth so you have to compensate on social media.”

In defense of the steamy duo, comedian Nikki Glaser slid into the comments and argued that she thinks “it’s hot when couples flirt publicly in comments but maybe that’s just me.”

“And yes, they could have texted this to each other and kept it private, but aren’t details about celeb’s private lives what we crave as a celeb-obsessed culture in the first place? It’s funny that When they offer it like this, we’re like ‘No! Gross!TMI!! We wanted this info, but would have preferred to get it without your consent via Deuxmoi after you were seated next to someone at a restaurant who eavesdropped on your private convo!’” she emphasized.

We have to say: Glaser sums it up well.