Megan Fox MetroCity Ads Bring Star To South Korea (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Megan Fox Poses For South Korean Handbag Brand, MetroCity

Foreign ad campaigns are one of Hollywood A-listers' best kept secrets. From Jennifer Connelly's '80s ads for Japanese makeup line Shiseido to Sean Connery selling Japanese yogurt, celebs travel thousands of miles from American shores to shoot hilariously awkward yet highly lucrative ads that they pray never get seen stateside (Esquire rounded up a whole bunch, including Jennifer Aniston in a German Heineken spot, here).

Luckily, unlike many famous Americans' commercial ventures overseas, Megan Fox's new ads aren't the slightest bit humiliating. The "Friends with Kids" actress has posed for MetroCity, a luxury handbag brand in South Korea that is relatively unknown in the U.S. but must have an American-sized budget for campaign models.

Fox models the bags while lounging on a chaise, wearing a ladylike lace dress with relatively little makeup and her hair down and loose. It's actually a lovely look, one we wish she'd try more often on the red carpet.

Then again, the celebrity motto is as follows: the ads that happen in [non-English speaking country], stay in [non-English speaking country].


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