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Megan Fox Dressed Up Like A Sexy Schoolgirl (PHOTO)

With her smokin' hot body, it's easy to forget that Megan Fox is an actress. She made her movie debut in 2001's "Holiday in the Sun" (remember her as the spoiled Brianna Wallace?), and has since rose to fame starring in the film series, "Transformers." Fox may also have a reputation as a sex symbol, but she hardly leads a wild life -- she got married at 24 and is now a mother of two.

In celebration of her 27th birthday on Thursday (May 16), we are taking a look back at an old photo of the star. In this 2003 snapshot, we see Fox with her then boyfriend, "7th Heaven" actor, David Gallagher. What's more odd than this couple, is Fox's ensemble. If you forget her micro-mini schoolgirl skirt and strappy heels for a second, you're left with a pretty distracting top. Between the rips, sheerness and black bra, it's almost as if she's begging for a wardrobe malfunction (or an entirely new wardrobe). We don't know which is worse: Fox's racy getup or Gallagher's oversized sweater. All we can say is that we're so happy early aughts fashion is behind us.

megan fox

See Megan Fox on the set of her new film "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:"

Megan Fox As April O'Neil

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