Megan Mullally Makes Hosting Look Easy With SAG Awards Opening

The "Will & Grace" star offered some pointed jokes about Hollywood sexism in her monologue.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards may have only had two hosts in its 25-year history, but it’s already putting other awards shows to shame.

After the aggressively charming Kristen Bell served as the ceremony’s inaugural host in 2018, Megan Mullally followed suit by opening the SAG Awards on Sunday night with a brief but hilarious monologue.

The “Will & Grace” star wasn’t afraid to poke fun at the ceremony, which can get lost in the shuffle of awards show season. She joked that the trophy is the “greatest honor an actor can receive this weekend.”

Mullally, herself a four-time SAG Award winner, then riffed on Hollywood’s recent representational wins, launching into a slew of jokes about how far the industry has supposedly come.

“Roles for women continue to break new ground,” Mullally said. “Glenn Close played a wife. So that’s new. Melissa McCarthy portrayed a woman who repeatedly apologizes and asks for forgiveness. I was like, what? This is groundbreaking. Emily Blunt played a nanny. And in another film written and directed by her real-life husband John Krasinski, Emily played a mom who wasn’t allowed to speak. I mean, so great not to have to learn any lines, am I right? That was really, really thoughtful of you, John. Thank you.”

Mullally also shouted out Emma Stone, who received two SAG nods this year for her work in “The Favourite” and the television series “Maniac,” and who turned 30 in November.

“Our condolences. You had a great run, like a really great run,” Mullally said of Stone turning the big 3-0. “Extra good. But we’re looking forward to your reverse mortgage loan commercials. They’re going to be great.”

Mullally was tapped to host the SAG Awards in December. Ahead of the ceremony, she said she was all about “setting the right tone and having some fun material, nothing political.”

The sitcom star received rave reviews for the hosting gig on social media, with some even clamoring for her to emcee the upcoming Academy Awards, which currently have no host in place.

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