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Watch Megan Mullally's Snarky Take On Old-Fashioned Sex Advice

She's not having it.

Few things are as funny and cringeworthy as retro sex and marriage advice ― except maybe Megan Mullally reading the tips out loud.

In a delightful new video from Glamour magazine, the “Will and Grace” star gives a snarky reading of sex advice written as far back as 1680.

A 1917 book, for instance, suggests that an “excessive libido” on the part of either the husband or wife is grounds for divorce.

Mullally’s response?

“I knew a woman whose boyfriend had to have sex seven or eight times a day. That ― like, you’d be in the hospital,” she says. “But in 1917, probably just wanting to have sex, like, once a month was considered excessive.”

Watch the video in its entirety above.

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