Watch A Guy Eat 50 Doughnuts And Get That Glazed Look

"Man, I'm full."

Perhaps some of you have had bad days and hit the Entenmann’s pretty hard.

Let eating champ Matt Stonie ease your guilt by consuming an amount of doughnuts that’s so absurd, you’ll never feel bad about your junk-food binges again.

Watch Stonie down 50 doughnuts in short order. That’s right ― 50. Stonie eventually put the calorie count at around 12,000. There isn’t enough coffee in Brazil to sip with that.

He completed the stunt in 10 minutes 45.01 seconds ― about the time it takes an entire police station to devour that many doughnuts.

Even though he lost his Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating title last summer, it’s good to see Megatoad can still wow us with his appetite.

If you want skip the pre-gorge buildup and endorsement, skip to the 2:50 mark.

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