Fans React To Meghan Markle And Prince Harry's Most Perfect Photo Yet

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a magical moment made for the cameras.

It’s the kind of moment you only ever really see in the movies ― or on a show like “Suits.”

Meghan Markle made her grand return back to the U.K. on Thursday, stepping out alongside Prince Harry for a night at the Endeavour Fund Awards in London.

While the rain could have easily dampened the mood for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s arrival, it actually only enhanced the couple’s entrance.

Royal and entertainment photographer Samir Hussein used the shower to capture a photo that instantly became iconic: Harry and Meghan, shielded from the rain under an umbrella, as camera flashes go off and the crowds look on. Amid the chaos, the two are looking at each other and smiling.

The rain almost feels like a metaphor for the storm the two have weathered over the past few months since announcing their plan to step back from royal life.

And even though it’s March, it just feels like it’s the photo of the year:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attend the Endeavour Fund Awards at Mansion House on March 5 in London.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attend the Endeavour Fund Awards at Mansion House on March 5 in London.
Samir Hussein via Getty Images

Royal fans and photographers alike swooned over the photo, which belongs in the Library of Congress and projected onto the Egyptian pyramids, at the very least.

“This is THE shot. None of the others matter,” celebrity photographer Miles Diggs commented on Hussein’s Instagram.

“My new favorite picture of them! Magical!” a fan said, while another chimed in with, “What a brilliant photo! That’s one of those historic shots! A truly fabulous picture.”

The reactions on Twitter were just as effusive:

Once the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex made it inside the awards, another picture-perfect moment unfolded.

During the ceremony, the winner of the Recognising Achievement Award, Danny Holland, brought his girlfriend onstage and proposed to her as the delighted crowd looked on.

Meghan in particular loved the special moment:

WPA Pool via Getty Images
WPA Pool via Getty Images

Up next, the couple will appear at the Mountbatten Festival of Music on Saturday and reunite with the rest of the royal family at Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on Monday.

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