Woman Spends 6 Hours In Surgery Hoping To Look Like Meghan Markle

The Houston oil industry professional says the Duchess of Sussex has "great curves."

Meghan Markle just had a baby boy, and may soon also have a twin.

Tanya Ricardo of Houston loves the Duchess of Sussex so much that she’s willing to go under the knife to look like her.

“She’s graceful, a very, very graceful woman,” Ricardo told “Inside Edition.” She added: “I want what she has that I don’t.”

Ricardo, a 30-year-old oil industry professional and mother, recently underwent six hours of surgery getting eight different procedures, including liposuction under her chin and on her tummy, hips and lower back; a Brazilian butt lift; and cheek contouring and filler.

“She has these great curves. What I want is to achieve the same thing through here,” Ricardo said while pointing at her hips and mid-section, “and get rid of this so that I have a great, flat stomach.”

Ricardo admitted her decision to become a Duchess double has sparked strong reactions from friends and family.

“They say I’m very crazy for doing this, but I don’t care,” she said.

Ricardo’s big reveal will happen on Wednesday evening’s “Inside Edition.”

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