No One Has Been More Eviscerated By Meghan McCain Than Denise, Who Was At Her Wedding

Memes ran amok on Twitter after "The View" co-host tweeted a cutting comment to writer Denise McAllister.

When conservative writer Denise McAllister critiqued Meghan McCain on Twitter, “The View” co-host tweeted back a simple yet biting comment: “you were at my wedding Denise....”

Thus, the memes were born.

On Monday, McAllister tweeted a link to an article titled “Meghan McCain Says She’s Having ‘Existential Crisis’; Admits Media Will ‘Get Trump Re-Elected.’” Accompanying the link was a question and some mudslinging: “Can someone explain to me the purpose of The View? It seems to me to be a roundtable of delusional mental midgets ricocheting ignorance and lack of emotional regulation.”

Naturally, as a co-host on the show (and the subject of the story’s headline and lead photo), McCain felt inclined to respond. And what she lobbed back will go down in history as arguably one of the best retorts for being backstabbed or betrayed by a friend.

McAllister later tweeted that her vitriol toward “The View” wasn’t “personally directed” at McCain but rather at the “mental midgets who surround” her.

But it was too late. Twitter users had already taken McCain’s response and run with it, and McAllister’s attempt to clear the air went unnoticed amid the “you were at my wedding Denise” mayhem.

Jokes abounded as people wondered if they could find a friend named Denise to receive this cutting remark. Some Denises even volunteered:

Enjoy the madness with some our favorite quips below:

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