Meghan McCain Has Serious Problems With Trump's Tweet Honoring POWs

"The View" co-host told the president: "No one believes you care about prisoners of war and 'people who get captured.'"

Donald Trump attempted to honor National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day on Tuesday, but Meghan McCain was not impressed.

Trump issued a tweet honoring “the Americans captured and imprisoned by foreign powers while carrying out their duties to defend this great Nation.”

What’s the problem with this picture? Well, there shouldn’t be one. This is the sort of ceremonial proclamation that for other presidents would be a noncontroversial, no-brainer part of the job.

However, other presidents haven’t publicly trashed former POWs like Trump did in 2015 when he dismissed John McCain’s war record, saying, “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

No wonder the deceased senator’s daughter and co-host of “The View” was skeptical about the tweet.

Trump’s hypocrisy didn’t go unnoticed by other Twitter users either.



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