Meghan McCain Reveals Her Family Had No Clue About ‘Ghost Of John McCain’ Musical

The late senator’s daughter said she wasn’t “aware” of the production, which is set to depict her father “inside the mind of Donald Trump.”

Meghan McCain has claimed she had no knowledge of a new musical inspired by her late father, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Her remarks arrive after Quixote Productions and former McCain campaign aide Max Fose, co-producers of the stage production, announced a “by-invitation only industry reading” of “The Ghost of John McCain” in New York on Thursday.

“My family has not authorized it nor was aware of it. I was as surprised as everyone else to see the announcement,” Meghan McCain wrote in a statement to The Messenger.

The production features a book from playwright Scott Elmegreen and a score from composer Drew Fornarola, which offers “a unique psychological exploration of power, rivalry, and the human condition,” according to a press release.

The musical describes the late senator as awakening and “horrified to find himself back in captivity, in the afterlife, inside the mind of Donald Trump.”

Trump has notably hurled a number of attacks toward John McCain over the years, including last week when the former president mocked the late senator over injuries he sustained during his time in the military.

In addition to John McCain and Trump, other characters in the musical include Trump’s brain, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Hillary Clinton.

Elmegreen told EW that someone close to the production had previously reached out to Cindy McCain, Meghan’s mother and John’s widow, about the musical.

Elmegreen noted that he and Fornarola have done their best to bring the “vision” of the late former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods, who is listed as a co-writer of the musical and is an ex-McCain aide, “to life.”

He said Woods’ wife, Marlene Galán-Woods, was among those who encouraged work on the musical to go on, and she reached out to Cindy McCain last year.

“We look forward to Meghan seeing our show, and we hope that she enjoys it [as] much as we have enjoyed working on it,” he wrote in an email to EW.

HuffPost has contacted Meghan McCain, who was not immediately available for comment.

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