Meghan McCain Has A Scathing Response To Glenn Beck Talking About The 'Stupid Things' He's Said

Glenn Beck recently admitted that he said "stupid things" while at Fox News, but Meghan McCain isn't satisfied with that admission.

"[The] most f-cked up, disgusting, worst, most insulting things anyone has ever said about me — hands down, in my entire life, came out of this man's mouth," McCain said Monday on her Pivot show "TakePart Live." "So what I wanna know, does he regret that? Do you regret barfing into the camera and pretending to barf for 15 minutes at the idea of me doing a PSA for skin cancer?"

The two have a long-running feud, which has included Beck criticizing her body in an ad for skin cancer awareness, and mocking McCain's television appearances.

On Monday, she also blamed him for dividing the Republican party through his comments on TV over the years.

"[If] you're the type of person who's going to divide America, which I believe Glenn Beck has played a part in doing, are you now taking culpability?" McCain said. "Because Ann Coulter and all these people -- what you say, Americans listen to and right now my party is completely and utterly divided…and I believe it's this man's fault, to a degree."

CORRECTION: McCain's show "TakePart Live" is on Pivot -- not Fusion, as was originally stated in the article.