Meghan McCain Hits Back After Michael Flynn Coverage On ‘The View’

She criticized her co-hosts for celebrating Brian Ross’ erroneous report.

Meghan McCain did not share in co-host Joy Behar’s joy over Michael Flynn’s guilty plea when the news broke during “The View” on Friday.

McCain looked visibly uncomfortable when Behar erupted with unbridled enthusiasm after reading Brian Ross of ABC’s false report saying Flynn was prepared to testify that President Donald Trump had directed him to make contact with Russia during his candidacy.

Late Friday, Ross informed viewers on “World News Tonight” that Trump asked Flynn to contact Russians during the transition after the election, not before as was originally reported. Ross was suspended for four weeks without pay for the error, and he and the network apologized for the mistake.

But that didn’t stop McCain from chastising her co-hosts on Monday.

McCain, a conservative who has criticized Trump in the past, reprimanded her co-hosts for spreading “fake news” with her on the panel.

“I went to a Christmas party over the weekend; it’s no secret, most of my friends are in conservative media, [and] I feel a lot like I’m an astronaut from another planet to come here to try to explain both worlds to each other — that’s how different I feel on this show sometimes,” McCain said. “And I will say that fake news, and what we did on Friday, that’s what I was accused of being a part of.”

This complaint eventually spurred Behar to ask, “Do you believe that Brian Ross deliberately did that and put it out as fake news?”

“I don’t believe it was deliberate,” McCain responded. “But I think it was fake news.”

Republican co-host Ana Navarro weighed in on the conversation after the hosts discussed the definition of fake news.

“We got to be very careful and very thoughtful about the difference between fake news, real news [and] real journalism,” she said. “To me, fake news is when you make up a story about the Clintons running a sex ring out of the basement of a pizza shop that does not have a basement. Or when you make up a horrible conspiracy story and never even regret it or apologize for it about the death of Seth Rich.”

“Here, Brian Ross made a mistake, the network took action, he’s accepted the action, everyone has apologized and everyone is admitting it’s a mistake because there was no intent,” she added. ”‘Fake news’ is a catch phrase that Donald Trump is trying to use against real news that is inconvenient for him and we got to be really careful about that.”

To watch the entire discussion, check out the video above.