Meghan McCain: Internet Bullying 'Keeps Me Up At Night'

Meghan McCain Reacts To Vicious Attacks

Meghan McCain spoke out about some of the hateful backlash she received after criticizing the Republican party in a new column published on Sunday.

McCain caused a small uproar on Thursday when she lamented the "the popularity of Michelle Malkin and Andrew Breitbart," and said that many Republicans treat her like "a freak" for her moderate views. Since then, she has received vicious insults about her weight, looks and family on Twitter.

She reacted to the attacks in a piece for the Daily Beast. "You would think that by now, having gone through a presidential election with my father in 2008, I would be numb to this kind of name-calling," McCain wrote. "But I’m not. It hurts, it rattles me, it (understandably) concerns my mother, and it keeps me up at night."

She continued, "When people don’t like my politics, I am happy to have a political discussion with them. But when they don't like my politics and call me fat and say I should die, what's left to say?"

McCain has been repeatedly attacked over her weight and appearance. Past offenders have included Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham. McCain previously admitted to having seen a therapist over the media's criticism of her body.

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