Meghan McCain Tells Kari Lake 'No Peace, Bitch' After Lake Reaches Out

After calling late Sen. John McCain a "loser," Kari Lake wrote on X that she values Meghan McCain's family.

Meghan McCain had a succinct reply after Kari Lake reached out to try to reconcile their feud over Lake’s comments on McCain’s father, late Arizona Sen. John McCain.

“I value you,” Lake, a GOP Senate candidate in Arizona, wrote on X on Wednesday morning. “I value your family and I value the passion you have for our state. I’d love nothing more than to buy you a beer, a coffee or lunch and pick your brain about how we can work together to strengthen our state. My team is sending you my contact info — if you’re willing to meet, it would mean a lot to me.”

Meghan McCain shot back, writing, “NO PEACE, BITCH!”

“Kari Lake is trying to walk back her continued attacks on my Dad (& family) and all of his loyal supporters after telling them to ‘get the hell out,’” Meghan McCain wrote on X the day prior. “Guess she realized she can’t become a Senator without us. No peace, bitch. We see you for who you are - and are repulsed by it.”

In 2022, when Lake was running for Arizona governor, she called late Arizona Sen. John McCain a “loser” and asked the crowd if there were any McCain Republicans in attendance, saying that if there were, to “get the hell out.”

At a conference in Texas in 2022, Lake again took a jab at John McCain after winning the Republican gubernatorial nomination, saying she “drove a stake through the McCain Machine.”

Lake did not immediately return a request for comment.

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