Meghan McCain: 'I Hate Karl Rove,' His Hillary Comments Are 'Disgusting'

Meghan McCain: 'I Hate Karl Rove'

Meghan McCain pulled no punches while discussing Karl Rove during a recent interview with Larry King.

Rove recently suggested that Hillary Clinton sustained brain damage last year. When asked about Clinton's potential 2016 run, McCain told King that Rove's comments were "disgusting."

McCain, the daughter of Arizona senator John McCain, doesn't seem the least bit surprised by Rove's behavior.

"I hate Karl Rove and I think he still needs to apologize to my family, which he has not done for the things that happened in 2000," McCain said when asked whether her feelings toward the GOP strategist have changed since her father's presidential campaign. She has blasted Rove in the past for allegedly starting rumors that her adopted younger sister from Bangladesh was John McCain's illegitimate black child.

“Karl Rove is a pathetic excuse for a human being and has never publicly apologized for his cowardice and culpability for what was said about my little sister in South Carolina during the 2000 race,” McCain wrote in her 2012 book.

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