Meghan Trainor Apologizes For 'F**k Teachers' Comment After Social Media Backlash

Many teachers responded to Trainor's comment and subsequent apology, noting the low pay, safety concerns and health issues they face daily.

Meghan Trainor is walking back her disparaging comment about teachers.

The Grammy winner infuriated fans last week by encouraging influencer Trisha Paytas, the guest on Thursday’s episode of “Workin’ On It with Meghan Trainor & Ryan Trainor,” to continue homeschooling her daughter with a simple remark: “F**k teachers.”

Trainor’s comment on the podcast spurred backlash on TikTok and other social media platforms. In a short video posted Monday, Trainor addressed her apologies to the “teachers of TikTok and teachers of the world.”

“I recently said ‘F teachers’ on the podcast and it’s not how I feel,” Trainor said. “I was fired up because we were talking about how sending your kid to school here in America is so horrific and what all of us have to go through, especially teachers, is not normal and is not OK.”

The mother of one said she was bullied by teachers in her youth, which inspired her vitriol in the first place.


@galsgotmoxie thank you for making your video and for bringing attention to this. I am sorry for being careless with my words. I LOVE teachers and I am here for you ❤️ Let’s work to make schools a better place together

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While Trainor claimed to “love teachers” and “fight for teachers,” many beleaguered educators had no time for the apology.

“Something that I told my students when I was teaching is that if you’re making an apology, and that apology contains excuses surrounding why you did the original action, it devalues the apology itself,” a TikTok user said in one viral video. “It makes it less sincere.”

Teachers in the U.S. have committed themselves to educating the next generation only to endure low pay, potential school shootings and pandemic-related health concerns.

“I think we’ve all heard what Meghan Trainor said about teachers and, as a teacher who puts so much effort into my job, to be disrespected like that is just so frustrating,” another TikToker said. “I work so hard to make school a safe…experience.”

@misscarinab #stitch with @meghantrainor It’s the no makeup apology for me #fteachers #teachertok ♬ original sound - Carina
@fantasticallyfirst & people wonder why so many amazing teachers are leaving the profession… yes, with the world we are living in schools are 100% a scary place BUT there are so many teachers that will do literally ANYTHING for their students. We constantly put ourselves (most of the times at the cost of our own mental/emotional/physical health) because we LOVE our students. Im not saying that the apology wasn’t heard… but this is the exact reason teachers are speaking up & speaking out more. Please pray for us teachers ❤️ #teacher #teachersoftiktok #foryoupage #teacherlife #teachervlog #teachers #teachertok #contentcreator #meghantrainor #meghantrainorapology ♬ I been drinking - Rea

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