Meghan Vogel, Ohio Track Star, Carries Runner Across Finish Line At State Competition (VIDEO)

WATCH: Runner Carries Competitor Across Finish Line

Meghan Vogel might have won the state title for the 1600 meter race, but the track star is probably receiving more attention for her extraordinary act of kindness toward another competitor.

After winning her event on Saturday, the Ohio teen was participating in the 3200 meter race when competitor Arden McMath fell just meters from the finish line, the Springfield News-Sun reports.

Vogel soon came to her aid, carrying the fallen runner to the end of the track, where she guided her across the finish line -- ahead of herself.

The teens finished in 14th and 15th place, but the crowd -- touched by the scene -- gave the pair a standing ovation.

As the story continues to spread, Vogel has received an increasing amount of national media attention for an act she said was a natural reaction to the circumstances.

"If you work to get to the state meet, you deserve to finish no matter who you are. I was going to make that happen for her no matter what," Vogel told WDTN News.

“I just couldn’t believe she’d done that for me," McMath told the paper. "We’re all in it together as distance runners. Everyone is trying to do their best. It’s a lot harder on your body than a lot of the other races."

According to ESPN, Vogel was so exhausted from her previous event she didn't have enough energy to completely commit to the second race. But the junior from West Liberty-Salem High School said maybe it was meant to be.

"I think fate may have put me (in last place) for a reason," Vogel told the station.

Now, the teen is trying to relax and enjoy the summer, though her mother said that hasn't been easy.

"The phone's been ringing a lot," Ann Vogel told ESPN.

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