Megyn Kelly, NBC Under Fire Over 'Sickening' Alex Jones Interview

Some are calling for a boycott of the network.

NBC News and Megyn Kelly are under fire for giving airtime to far-right radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

In the past, Jones has claimed that the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job.” He also said the parents of the 20 students murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 were actors and the deaths of the children as well as six school employees were faked.

Kelly previewed her interview with Jones on Sunday. The full episode airs June 18 on her new show.

Kelly was criticized on social media for what some saw as an attempt to normalize Jones and his outlandish claims. She defended herself by saying President Donald Trump had praised Jones and appeared on his show. She also noted that Jones’ InfoWars was given credibility when the website received White House press credentials.

But that didn’t slow the outrage. Some viewers even called for a boycott of the network over the upcoming interview. Here’s a sampling:

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