Megyn Kelly Tears Into Critics Who Say Amtrak Crash Was An Infrastructure Failure

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly finds it absurd that people are blaming the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia on inadequate infrastructure funding when there is proof that this particular train was traveling at 106 miles an hour -- more than double the speed limit.

"There has been a predictable but no less despicable rush to turn this crash into a political talking point," Kelly said at the start of "The Kelly File" Wednesday night.

In a heated segment, Kelly slammed Democrats and other critics who she said immediately jumped to point the finger at insufficient Amtrak funding and Republican spending priorities, while ignoring the facts of the crash.

Kelly specifically called out Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.), who earlier on Wednesday had directly blamed Congress for the crash. Israel said lawmakers had "failed" Americans by not investing in transportation.

“Who failed them?” Kelly exclaimed. “The engineer was going twice the speed limit ... Why aren't we talking about him? How exactly did the infrastructure fail?”