Megyn Kelly Tells Viewers She's Going To 'Rectify' Fox News' 'Lopsided' Benghazi Coverage (VIDEO)

Fox News host Megyn Kelly announced to her viewers on Wednesday that her network's coverage of the Benghazi hearings on Capitol Hill had been "lopsided."

Fox News covered the hearings more aggressively than any other cable news channel. As she cut to a commercial, Kelly said that Fox News had been uneven in which politicians it had been talking over.

"We're trying to get in our commercial breaks here," she said. "Now we're getting a little lopsided in terms of the Democrats versus the Republicans, so we're going to try to rectify that for you." She then cut away from Republican John Mica.

When the show returned from commercial, Kelly repeated that she was trying to "even out" the number of Republicans and Democrats that the network was showing.

Kelly's comments caused Media Matters—which thought that she had meant that more Democrats had been covered than Republicans—to release a chart which it said showed twice as much coverage of Republican politicians than Democrats.

Note: this post originally said Kelly was implying that the coverage had been lopsided in favor of Republicans. However, as others have pointed out, her words are up to interpretation. We apologize for our earlier certainty.



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