Megyn Kelly Defends Bill De Blasio's Reappointment Of Judge Laura Johnson

Despite thinking Bill de Blasio is a "hot mess for other reasons," Megyn Kelly came to the New York City mayor's defense monday night on Fox News.

During an interview with Bill O'Reilly, Kelly pushed back on the idea that de Blasio did the wrong thing by reappointing criminal court judge Laura Johnson to the bench. The judge has come under fire after releasing an 18-year-old accused of making threats against police officers online without bail, but Kelly -- who practiced law before joining Fox News -- says the decision isn't as "egregious" as one might think.

"The purpose of bail, Bill, is only to make sure the person shows up," she said.

When O'Reilly insisted that the real purpose of bail is to "keep bad hombres off the street," Kelly attempted to set her colleague straight.

"Not true," she said. "Not in New York state. In most states in the union that's true, you can factor in the dangerousness of the alleged criminal. In New York state they don't. And the irony here is that Mayor de Blasio has actually supported a change in the law that would allow judges more discretion in setting bail."

"You're not sympathetic to de Blasio here, are you?" O'Reilly shot back. "You can't be."

"How can I be mocked for calling him a hot mess one moment and then accused of being sympathetic to him?" Kelly said. "I call 'em as I see 'em."

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