Megyn Kelly Tells Bill O'Reilly That Income Inequality Isn't Just A Fraud

Bill O'Reilly believes that income inequality in the United States is a "fraud," but Megyn Kelly told him otherwise on Thursday night.

The two hosts got into a debate on the issue — sparked by Hillary Clinton's discussion of inequality in her upcoming memoir — on "The O'Reilly Factor."

"Listen, on the issue of income inequality, it’s a good issue for the Democrats because there is no question that it exists," Kelly said.

"But it’s always existed," O'Reilly shot back.

"It’s worse now since 1920, according to the stats,” Kelly responded. She added that both parties agree on that point and that Democrats have been able to campaign on the issue.

“You’re buying into this fraud, Kelly, and I’m very disappointed,” O’Reilly shot back. "So, listen to the master here."

O'Reilly went on to say that income inequality as we discuss it is a "myth," and that the only reason it exists is because we live in a free marketplace, and technology has made the problem worse.

O'Reilly pointed to Kelly as an example of someone who didn't grow up rich and worked hard to get where she is — "and now here you are!" he exclaimed.

"That's not true, because there are poor people who don't have the advantage of education that I had, the advantage of both parents in the home that I had," Kelly argued.

Watch their debate in the clip above.