Bill O'Reilly Is Jealous That Megyn Kelly Scored This Interview

The Awkward Megyn Kelly, Bill O'Reilly Rivalry At Fox News


A little bit of Fox News rivalry was revealed Monday night between top hosts Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly.

The two were discussing Kelly's upcoming interview with Michelle Manhart, the Air Force veteran who was arrested after attempting to stop a group of campus protesters at Valdosta State University in Georgia from stepping on the American flag. In a moment caught on camera, Manhart grabbed the flag from the protesters and refused to give it back, leading to a scuffle with campus police as she resisted arrest.

But some critics believe the incident was all part of a publicity stunt organized by Manhart, a theory that gained strength after further investigation revealed that she had previously posed for Playboy and shot nude photos holding the American flag over her body.

An excited Kelly told O'Reilly that she would ask Manhart about the photos in their interview that evening. O'Reilly said that he and his producers agreed that the veteran was just looking for attention.

"So that's why we kind of gave [the interview] to you," he said to Kelly.

"You didn't give her to me," Kelly quickly interjected. "We had it before you had it, and we booked it before you tried for it."

"But we could have done it another way," O'Reilly went on.

"After I did," she shot back. "Here's what you need to know," Kelly said, turning to the camera. "Bill clearly feels uncomfortable that I have her and he doesn't, so you should tune in tonight to watch our show."

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