Megyn Kelly Compares Calling 'Illegal Immigrants' Undocumented To Calling Rape Nonconsensual Sex (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly made a curious analogy on Fox News Wednesday afternoon when criticizing a Society of Professional Journalists column calling for the media to replace the phrase "illegal immigrants" with "undocumented immigrants."

"How far can you take this? You can say that a burglar is an unauthorized visitor. You can say that a rapist is a nonconsensual sex partner," she said. "Which obviously would be considered offensive to the victims of those crimes. So how far could you take this?"

Megyn didn't specify who the victims of illegal immigration are, but she did place her rapist rebranding scenario alongside basic forms of political correctness.

"We did a segment earlier in the year on how little people find the term 'midget' offensive, and so you can't say that anymore," she said. "There are so many words that are suddenly becoming hurtful."

Last month Megyn posed in lingerie for GQ.